Save OneNote Documents to Stream & Specify Save Format Explicitly using .NET


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Mar 10, 2010
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What is new in this release?

We are pleased to announce the release of Aspose.Note for .NET 1.3.0 . This new build enables developers to save OneNote documents to a Stream object. Developers can now pass a stream object to the Document.Save(Stream, SaveFormat) or Document.Save(Stream, SaveOptions) method. When saving to a stream, specify the save format explicitly. Please have a look at the help topics in the documentation section for Saving OneNote Document to a Stream, and Specifying OneNote Save Options. This new release fixes several issues, including the presence of duplicate pages in a PDF output file. We have also updated the parsing of styles based on new JCID structure. The JCID structure specifies the type of object and the type of data the object contains. Previously, the default style rich text sometimes had an incorrect value. The main features and bug fixes added in this release are listed below

- Saving the OneNote document to a stream.
- Optimized the parsing algorithm of OneNote file.
- The access to Document available through any nodes.
- The duplicate pages existence is corrected in PDF result file

The following API changes in the new version are also worth noting:

- A new Node.Document property has been added. It helps to access the document available through any nodes.
- A new Document.Save(Stream stream, SaveOptions options) method has been added. It saves the OneNote document to a stream using the specified save options.
- A new Document.Save(Stream stream, SaveFormat format) method has been added. It saves the OneNote document to a stream in the specified format.

Newly added documentation pages and articles

Some new tips and articles have now been added into Aspose.Note for .NET documentation that may guide you briefly how to use Aspose.Note for performing different tasks like the followings.

- Save OneNote Document to a Stream
- Specify OneNote Save Options

Overview: Aspose.Note for .NET

Aspose.Note for .NET is a set of .NET components that enables developers to work with Microsoft Office OneNote files in C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET web applications, web services & Windows applications. It allows developers to open files & manipulate elements of OneNote books, from text, images & properties, to more complex elements, & then export to PNG, GIF, JPEG, BMP or PDF formats. It is a pure .NET alternative to the MS OneNote Object Model & supports OneNote 2010, OneNote? 2010 SP1 & 2013 files.

More about Aspose.Note for .NET

- Homepage of Aspose.Email for .NET
- Download Aspose.Note for .NET
- Online documentation of Aspose.Note for .NET
- Demos of Aspose.Note for .NET

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