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Jan 9, 2005
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Hi all .. i m developing a client server application ..and as a module i want to implement desktop monitoring of the client. I mean that from the server , administrator can view the client desktop and also what the client is doin at that time.
Those who have worked with windows xp might be knowing something called remote assistance and remote desktop. I just want to view the client desktop. If u know about netmeeting there is also a option available in which one user can actully view and also control the handling of the dessktop of the other user.

I m tryin to find out how this concept is used.So if anyone can help me out in the concept how to have a live view of the client desktop from the server.

The idea which i can think of is that in the client the application will take the snapshot of the screen every second and then pass the picture to the server.

Is this is the only way to do or i m thinking some other way. if anyone knows please help me out.......

The remote desktop function in windows uses the following concept:
The application 'intercepts' the video output of the computer before it is send to the monitor. It then sends the video output to both the monitor and the remote computer. This generates a lot of network traffic when you use it on saeveral computers at the same time.

I would suggest making a snapshot of the users desktop (as you suggested yourself), but only every 5 seconds or so. (depending on the number of computers you're going to use this on...) You have to make sure your application doesn't create such a load on the network that the users can't work normally!

Also there is the issue of privacy... You might want to tell the users that they're being monitored. Or else you might find yourself in court! Be sure to check the law about this.

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