Question Read a Segments information from .seg file


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Jul 5, 2012
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Hello Everyone

Im So sorry to create this topic but i need u to write this program with 2008

when you downloading a file from internet, maybe because some reasons like DC or etc , the some downloading segments incompleted and null value (0) write in the the file and also a file with "seg" extention created and write information about this segments, contain :

1 - File Size (original Downloading File size)
2 - Start Position of Segments
3 - End of Position of Segments

like this blow picture:

segment files.jpg

this screenshot taked from a program written in delphi

but i need to read this information from "seg" file with 2008

Please Help me to read this segments from "seg" file

i dont know how read file or block read to read this start positions and end positions of segment saved in a "seg" file

Please Help me

Download a sample seg file and delphi Source code "read segment"

Thank u , Thank you so much
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