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Aug 17, 2010
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Hi all,

Have been working with for a few months modifying processes bringing operations all into one area, unfortunately i have come as far as printing and hit a wall...

There seems to be very little i could find to do with actually getting prints out of vb, although now i have flicked through many posts on here I am feeling more confident.

I just really need to know where to start, then hopefully i can get the flow from there.

I have a system that i'm automating, orders come in through various formats, i compile all data into one data area and work with it as a whole from there.

I need to create delivery notes for orders without user intervention, i have the data compiled as i need it.

I need to create a report to show the order info with a subreport to show items.
I also want it layed out in a template as we have logo's and obviously a customer pleasing layout.

As i say, have tried to try this a few ways but am at a complete loss with the resources i have... i will be looking into the printdocument class but wanted some advice as to whether this is the right approach.

Long term i would hope to install this as a service on our process server, can i do that and still get it printing?

Any advice is good advice at the moment as I seem to be looking into the abyss right now!!


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