Question Populating ComboBox coloum dropdown items in DataGrid


Jun 6, 2008
Programming Experience
Hello all,

I have encountered what iam sure must be a fairly simple problem when it comes to populating the items of a comboBox column of a databound Datagrid.
I have a simple dataset returning information from two tables (products & categories) into two tableAdapters (products & categories). One of the returned coloums in 'products' identifies which category the product belongs.
However I require that this column be a comboBox column. The list of items present in the comboBox dropdown must be dynamic. New categories can be added and so I need this dropdown list to be generated by the information in the Categories table/tableAdapter. However I cannot see how this can be achieved.

I have been stuck on this simple thing for some time and would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks in advance for any help.
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