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  1. C

    Question ComboBox to populate texboxes!

    Hello hope anyone could help me., im just a beginner.. i have this table called Member_Loans and the corresponding fields are "ActgNumber", "LoanType", "LoanAmount" nd so on. a person having two different loans called "appliance loan" and "bonus loan" with same "actgnumber" on same table...
  2. C

    Question If specified DataGridView header exists, add item to ComboBox

    Using MS Visual Basic 2010, I am importing a csv file into a DataGridView. The first row of the csv file imports as the header in the DataGridView (HDR=Yes). On the same form is a ComboBox. Once the csv file imports into the DataGridView, I would like to search the header row for the value...
  3. G

    Change selected value or text of a ComboBox ( data Bound )

    I have a combobox which is bound to a Table column. Now suppose it has 4-5 values when the form gets loaded. By default, the 1st item is selected. I want some other item other than the 1st one to be selected when the form loads. I have tried using all combobox properties but it isn't working ...
  4. L

    Question Populating ComboBox coloum dropdown items in DataGrid

    Hello all, I have encountered what iam sure must be a fairly simple problem when it comes to populating the items of a comboBox column of a databound Datagrid. I have a simple dataset returning information from two tables (products & categories) into two tableAdapters (products & categories)...
  5. zendog1960

    Combobox to populate with Folder list

    Morning all! I have a winform that has one combobox. I want to populate that it with a list of folders in a directory. I thought this might be a common thing but I have not found any thing concerning this. For this example lets say the root folder is C:\Testing\Folder List\ In the folder...
  6. M

    select an item in a combo/dropdown box from an incoming database return

    hi all im writing some software at the moment, i have a mysql database backing it all and i have a page called "edit items". its basically a datagrid which displays all the rows from the sql database in the products table. now i identified a problem which is that if i leave the "category" area...
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