Nevron Announces NOV ? the first and only Cross-Platform Presentation Layer for .NET


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Feb 28, 2006
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The long wait has finally come to an end! The NOV Framework has been under development for nearly 5 years. Today, the Nevron Team is proud and excited to announce the official release of Nevron Open Vision (NOV) 2013.1 ? the first and only Cross-Platform Presentation Layer for .NET Developers!


At Nevron, we believe that NOV marks a new era in the development of Enterprise-level applications and user interfaces.

"NOV is probably the most significant .NET LOB library ever released, since it provides the .NET framework with something it did not have ? a 100% portable presentation layer." says Ivo Milanov, CTO of Nevron Software LLC. "NOV completely changes the game in the .NET presentation layer world as the .NET framework finally has a new and portable face."

With the official release of Nevron Open Vision (2013.1), we have introduced integration support for most of the presentation layers developed by Microsoft: Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Framework (WPF) and Silverlight.

"Moving forward, we are planning to include Mac OS, iOS, Android and WinRT support." says Ivo Milanov. "In this way we intend to become the third major player in the .NET world, since we will bridge the Microsoft .NET and the Xamarin .NET ecosystems, by providing them both with a presentation layer that runs everywhere and delivers enterprise features."

"Everyone benefits from using NOV. Developers can now learn one presentation layer and reuse their knowledge on multiple Operating Systems, Devices and Environments. Project managers can now lower development costs, go to market faster and increase the customer base by delivering enterprise-ready cross-platform solutions from a single code base. Component Vendors and ISVs can now concentrate on the products they make and forget about the efforts needed to release one and the same product on multiple platforms and environments."

NOV also provides significant benefits to applications that do not have to be cross platform by design. Even if you write a traditional Windows application you?ll find that the completely windowless and CSS stylable presentation layer implementation of NOV delivers unrivalled performance and scalability.

What's included in NOV 2013.1?
The first version of the Open Vision introduces:

NOV UI Widgets (User Interface Elements) - a complete and feature-rich set of cross-platform UI controls, including: Buttons, Color Pickers, Command Bars, Containers, Context Popups, Drop Down Edits, Panels, Range Based Widgets, Tree View, List Box, NOV Windows, Text Widgets and more.

NOV Rich Text Editor ? an advanced text and document processing control, which provides powerful features and outstanding performance. The Rich Text Editor can add MS Word-like and Web Browser-like text editing and text visualization capabilities to you cross-platform applications.
Pricing and Availability
The NOV developer licenses are provided on a subscription basis for a 12 months Subscription period, which includes one year of free maintenance and upgrades. The developer subscription for the NOV Framework starts from a special base price of $365 (a dollar a day).

Try the Free and Fully-Functional Evaluation
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About Nevron Software
Founded in 1998, Nevron Software is a component vendor specialized in the development of premium presentation layer solutions for .NET based technologies. Today Nevron has established itself as the trusted partner worldwide for use in .NET LOB applications. Nevron technology is used by many Fortune 500 companies, large financial institutions, global IT consultancies, academic institutions, governments, and non-profits. For more information, visit: Data Visualization Components for .NET, SSRS & SharePoint | Nevron.