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Oct 21, 2004
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I have an SQL table called 'SHOPNUMBER'
There is a boolean/bit field called 'OPEN'
There is a date/time field called 'CLOSING DATE'

Here is the logic for these fields.
OPEN is true if the job is in process or there are finished parts left to sell.
OPEN is false when all parts produced by this shopnumber are sold (Qty = 0).
Closing date is the date when OPEN became False - done through code when a shipper is cut and Qty goes to zero.

We run into problems when the CLOSING DATE is changed or the OPEN field is changed.
There are situations where it is OK to change these fields, but it has very bad accounting effects if the ShopNumber was closed in a previous month (COST OF SALES and TOTAL SALES change).

Require password to reopen (OPEN = TRUE) a ShopNumber that was closed in a previous month or year?
Require a password to change/update the CLOSING DATE to a different month or year?

These changes will be available on a windows form with date/time picker and checkbox bound to these fields. This is just a simple EDIT form with all the table fields and a save button to update the database.

Is this one of those situations where you store the start values at form load and check against those values before update? Is there a better/easier way?

Thanks for listening
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