Question Need help on deployment of .NET application,Windows Service and SQL job in production

Vishal Shinde

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Nov 10, 2010
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We are working on a development project for a transportation group in Canada . The project includes
- Development of a middleware (SYS1) to connect multiple systems which are on AS/400, .NET/SQL.

- There will be nightly feed interface with AS/400 from middleware (SQL DB) and also real time interface to receive and send data to AS/400 from middleware.

- We need to connect to another .NET/SQL based system (SYS2) to send/receive data in real time as well as nightly feed.

- One interface for sending XML documents using HTTP POST to another .NET/SQL based system (SYS3). SYS3 will also send XML documents to shared FTP location which middleware will process and pass on to SYS2 and AS/400.

- There will be a web application (2-3 web pages) on middleware database to track and trace data. This will be integrated in customer’s existing website to have single sign-on.

For development we will be using,

1. .NET 3.5 with Visual Studio 2008
2. Windows server 2003 for database server
3. SQL Server 2005
5. Jobs in Windows services

We need help in following requirements as part of the deployment of the project,

1. Requirements of App/Web server for SIT and Production

2. Database server configuration

3. Need to have failover/clustered configuration for database

4. Since it is a business critical online processing and needs to handle huge data, we need to know if we need to include load balancing. We need more information on this.

5. In case SYS1 server/Database goes down or unavailable what can be the backup or business continuity plan for the same?

6. What is the best way of implementing archieving?

Can you please advise some industry best practices which we can propose for deployment for our project? As this is quite urgent and we have to provide our recommendation to client on the deployment plan as soon as possible. your quick help will be highly appreciated.

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