My Asp Forum Is Missing!


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Jun 3, 2004
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Must say i like the look and feel of the site but i am dissappointed that the asp section has been taken out. I have been using it for the last 6 months while learing asp, javascript and so on. I see that it is mostly configured for .net which may mean that i need to start playing around with and start learning that. This my be what i needed to get me on my high horse(literealy he's high, He kicks back at 4:20 everyday. go figure, lol) and start leaning the future. Again l like the look and feel but will miss the asp section.
You couldnt by chance just through that in under as asp classic, ahh, thought i would ask, any way.

Please visit the site, which is the former one, and tell me if I missed the creation of a forum (and provide the URL to it). This site is constructed with the exact same layout as before.

Yes, this is strictly a .NET, particularly VB.NET site.
My mistake

I am a tard. It was an entirely differnt form that i was refering to.
So bascially pay no attention to the dumb a$$. Go home their is nothing to see.

I got this forum confused with another. Me and my many forums.