MSCOMM component


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Feb 28, 2005
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You have all prob heard this loads before, but im struggling with the MSCOMM component in

Im a relatively new programmer, but i understand the basics.

My task is to write a program to capture ASCII data from the comport and put it on the screen. At the moment im struggling pretty badly! I have been able to get the comEvRecieve to work, and run a case statement, but this is where it goes wrong.

I cannot get the ascii to display on the screen - I use

txtbox1.text = timestring & " - " & txtbox1.text & RXmessage & VbCrLf

However it comes up as

hh/mm/ss -

then a few seconds later another line. So it is working when a com event is recieved, but it isnt displaying the data...

Anybody got any ideas or code that i can pinch!?

Please help - would be much appreciated!!
Cheers - Tom
If you are using it in a loop so it adds one line or piece of data at a time you need to use "&=" instead of "=".