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Feb 4, 2005
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I'm having difficulties ensuring that a report refreshes automatically when loaded. The data in the report is old and does not reflect recent modifications to the data it is pulling. I've developed this report in the .NET interface and have checked "discard Saved data when loading reports".

Can anyone please help with this, it is driving me nutts!

Thank you.
Thank you for the response. I have tried verifying my datatbase over, but to no avail. Any other ideas would be appreciated.

This is my code to load the reports:


'Load report

If strReport <> "" Then

vwrReports.ReportSource = strPATH & strReport



MsgBox("Please select report to view.")

End If

Catch ex As Exception


End Try

"discard Saved data when loading reports".

Could you explain the logic behind that?
I know we will resolve this but i'm afraid i don't know what is it that you've checked there ... Cheers :)

hey ... nearly i forgot to ask you about conn ... which conn type you are using there ? ODBC, OLE DB .... ?
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Thanks for your continued help. I'm about witts end.

The report has been live for about a month now and data in it is about a week old, nothing has changed (minus criteria changing slightly in one of the SQL queries, I highly doubt this would impact it and I did verify database afterward).

First thing I do in my code is construct the path name and report name (I do this through ADO).
vwrReports.ReportSource = strPATH & strReport
In a sample case strPath = "S:\\Shared\\TEST"
strReport = "rpt_Test.rpt"

The data populating the variables is mined from a database.

The report and everything load fine, again the data is old. I modifying the query logic so that it would return no results and still everything showed up on the form. It is almost as though something in the file has gone corrupt.

I'm almost positive that you have changed something in DB's structure .. datatype, field name or something ... and cr's files are very sensitive on these kind of changes ... anyway we could resolve this except we need a more time ... hmm do you have Yahoo IM?
Contact me via Yahoo messenger ... i'll help you out ... cheers :)

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