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Apr 24, 2009
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Hey everyone, just a question regarding learning VB.

I am a fairly new programmer, and I find that I've reached a point where I've taught myself the majority of what I can concerning the languages syntax, commands, etc. I've successfully made quite a few small applications with what I know, and I've found that by examining these programs and asking myself what additional features I could add to it, it's been fairly easy for me to identify what it is I want to learn how to do, and I can then go and do some snooping around or playing around and figure it out. One such example of this was learning to input / output to text files. However, now I find that I can't identify specifically WHAT it is I don't know (if you understand what I mean). For example, I try looking into how to create class libraries, and I don't understand some of the concepts of how you're supposed to use them, which makes it hard for me to try creating them. I've also looked at some other programmers code, looking out for particular places in the code where they've done something I'm unfamiliar with, but I find that it all is so complex to me. Perhaps it is partly because I originally learned some of the language with VB 6.0 years ago, and I still think more along the lines that I would while programing as I did then, as opposed to with this newer language which seems to be built much more around the creation and implementation of classes.

I find that looking for tutorials online leads me to the same problem. I either find tutorials that teach the basics about the syntax and implementation of different commands, or I find something that is beyond my comprehension.

Perhaps, if anyone could suggest any tutorials or places they know of that deal with the types of intermediate to advanced concepts on a more basic level for someone just learning about them.


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Aug 23, 2005
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I would suggest going thru some books which will explain many different aspects of programming.
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