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    Question How relevant is Programming Visual Basic .NET 2003?

    Hi Guys, It looks like I might be getting a VB.NET maintenance gig. So far, I've only done a basic COSC101 style VB.NET 2008 crash course, which only covered language fundamentals. I need to go deeper. I've had a copy of Balena's Programming Visual Basic .NET 2003 book for many years now...
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    What to do now?

    Hi, I have been learning vb.net for about 6 months now and I red few books about basic visual programming as most to them have information about the basic concepts like what is Object oriented programming, subroutines, functions ,inheritance etc and bit about ADO connectivity to database. Having...
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    Question Learning VB

    Hey everyone, just a question regarding learning VB. I am a fairly new programmer, and I find that I've reached a point where I've taught myself the majority of what I can concerning the languages syntax, commands, etc. I've successfully made quite a few small applications with what I know, and...