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May 12, 2005
South Africa
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I have built an application to FTP files to a remote server. It works fine with small amount of data, but as soon as I try to transfer larger amounts of files, I get problems. I am transfering JPG files which my program is already compressing, but not zipping. Each file is anything beetween 60kb and 150kb. On average, i will need to transfer 100 images at a time, along with one XML file. What are the best options for me? Should I rather use .net remoting, and create client / server applications, or stick to FTP?

If I am to stick to FTP, is there a way to make sure that the large amount of files are transfered properly assuming a connection is not broken?

Currently i am using the edtftpnet-1.1.4 assembly for my FTP opperations.
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