Keyoti release Search for ASP.NET v2012


Jul 23, 2010
Programming Experience
Keyoti are pleased to announce the release of Search for ASP.NET v2012.

Add search engine functionality to your web applications and websites quickly and easily. Simply drag and drop the SearchResult control from your Visual Studio toolbox to your ASPX page, set which directory will be used to store the index and then import your documents using the integrating index management tool.

Please click for full details and to download an evaluation of Search for ASP.NET


Improvements in v2012.0.0

  • Addition of document security groups to allow user to see only results that they have access to.
  • Search speed improvements for multiple keywords.
  • New, more powerful index management tool UI.
  • Popular search auto-complete added (to existing lexicon based auto-complete).
  • SearchBox watermark added.
  • New (plug-in) central events added.
  • Indexing of ZIP files added.
  • Added "ImpliedLogicOperator" to configuration to enable changing default search operator from AND to OR.
  • Now possible to see all documents (that user has permission to see), use query: _all to get all documents, or programmatically searchAgent.Search(searchAgent.AllDocumentReturnQuery, 1, 10);.
  • Auto-complete suggestions can be easily customized using a plug-in, or in Javascript on the client.
  • Result preview text can be easily customized using a plug-in, or in Javascript on the client.
  • Stemming/Lemma support increased to 9 languages.
  • Added AsynchronousQueue class (.NET 2+) to support asynchronous adding of documents to the index.
  • Windows Service can now email logs of its actions.
  • Numerous smaller API enhancements.
  • New publishing feature in index manager with ability to auto rebuild indexes and deploy with FTP or file copy (ideal for shared hosting users).
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