1. Taiizor

    FYI .NET WinForms UI/UX Component Library

    Welcome to ReaLTaiizor ReaLTaiizor is a UI/UX component library. It allows you to make modern designs using the various components it offers. Usage Step 1:Add a reference to ReaLTaiizor or search for ReaLTaiizor on the NuGet; Install-Package ReaLTaiizor Step 2:Enjoy designing Examples...
  2. K

    Question Need a code for microphone volume changer

    I was have one program which control speaker and microphone volume level. First you must choose driver (ex. Realtek Sound - for sound control). Then track bar appear and I can control level. Now I again need this code. Please help. P.S. Sorry for my english, its bad :D I have this project, but...
  3. A

    Customizable radiobutton appearance>button colors for each state

    I know how to make a toggle button by changing the radiobutton Appearance property to 'Button'. That provides the exact functionality I am looking for, but I want to be able to change the visual appearance of the button for each state (up, hover, click/down, and checked) including backcolor...
  4. A

    Customizable container control

    I am trying to build a custom control (dll) that allows me at design-time to add/remove controls (buttons, toggle buttons, labels, dropdowns, comboboxes, radiobuttons, checkboxes, and custom versions of all of these controls) and edit their attributes/properties using a collection editor. The...
  5. K

    Search engine for - v2012.1 released

    Keyoti are pleased to release v2012.1 of it's popular ASP.NET search engine product. Search for ASP.NET allows web developers to add a powerful index based search engine to ASP.NET applications. Features include; 'did-you-mean' suggestions, security groups, content and location...
  6. N

    Multiple levels of inheritance with UserControl

    I want to create a control from UserControl, and then have another class or control inherit that. Basically, I want the following: Public Class MyBaseClass : Inherits UserControl Public Class MyControl : Inherits MyBaseClass I am having trouble doing this, but I am not sure what I am missing...
  7. K

    Keyoti release Search for ASP.NET v2012

    Keyoti are pleased to announce the release of Search for ASP.NET v2012. Add search engine functionality to your web applications and websites quickly and easily. Simply drag and drop the SearchResult control from your Visual Studio toolbox to your ASPX page, set which directory will be used to...
  8. K

    Keyoti release RapidSpell Web .NET v3.8

    Keyoti are pleased to release RapidSpell Web .NET v3.8. RapidSpell provides developers with an inline and dialog spell checking control for ASP.NET web applications. New features include; IE9 and FireFox 4 support, .NET 4 and Visual Studio 2010 support. Visit Keyoti for a free evaluation...
  9. S

    Question controlname (checkbox) from variable ?

    Hi al! I've been lurking here for some time and finally registered en now posting. This is my first question which I can't find the answer for. Sorry in advance if this is too easy to ask or too n00b... Anyway, I'd like to refer to 12 checkboxes on my form, "CBOX_mnth1....CBOX_mnth12", by a...
  10. B

    Resolved ListBox.Items.add; how to add at the top?

    I remember in the old VB6 that there was something simple as listbox.add("my string", 1) This '1' would meant the position I want it to be added, which means 'the top' ... I'm sure it sounds newbie... but hey, what a heck... I'm only been programming .net for a few months. Any one ??? :cool:
  11. K

    RapidSpell Web .NET v3.7 released

    Keyoti are pleased to release RapidSpell Web .NET v3.7 RapidSpell Web .NET provides ASP.NET developers with a spell checking control for web applications. New in v3.7; * .NET 4 DLLs and VS 2010 demos included Further details and evaluation download can be found here...
  12. M

    Ftp Control and Class Library

    hi, I just built a new ftp control and class library in 2008. It might be helpful for applications with ftp functionality. Link: Looking for your comments. Thanks.
  13. froodley

    Controls changing size for no reason

    Hey, all, Having another issue I'm hoping you can help with. My program has two lists, one a listbox and the other a listview viewed in details mode. Both of them change heights (get taller) for no obvious reason. I am having to add a call to a method that resizes them to the end of every...
  14. W

    what TabPage has been selected?

    I have 2 TabPages (tp1, tp2) in a TabControl. I have a button outside the TabControl. When I click the button there should be a message box that identifies what TapPage is currently selected. I want to know how to check what TabPage has been selected when I click the button.:confused: Pls...
  15. R

    Question COM Control Call from .Net frequently blocking for 15(!!)ms

    Background: I have an ActiveX/COM control written in C++/MFC which processes video (ie. 30 frames per second => about 33ms per frame processing budget) Various rendering aspects of the control can be modified using Set calls on the control, which clients can issue at any time. It turns out that...
  16. B

    Question Get bounds of GraphicsPath

    Hi, I wonder if there is a way I can get the REAL bounding rectangle for a graphicspath, for example a path consisting from one or more bezier curves. The bezier curves in the path have control points and the function .GetBounds takes these points in account. But I only want to get the bounds...
  17. B

    Question Container region of a panel

    Hi, is there a way to make a user control (similar to panel) that has a custom container area? Ordinary panel has a container area that is almost the same size as the panel itself, and I don´t know a way to change it. The new control should have a container area (where I can place other...
  18. V

    Problem using DateTimePicker control

    Hi I am using a DateTimePicker control in my vb.NET application. The date can be entered by the user in runtime instead of selecting when I do not set it to custom mode. But I want set it in custom mode as DD/MM/YY instead of the default MM/DD/YY format. When I do so the date can only be...
  19. J

    Form Controls Visible Property Test not working

    Testing the visible property of a windows form control (textbox) does not seem to work until after the form has fully loaded. I've tried in the Load, Activated, and Focus events. It only works after the form has completely loaded and some action (keypress) is performed. I want to focus to the...
  20. G

    control another application

    I have a file with the following fields productnumber and newprice. I need to make a robot which can do the following tasks programatically open an 3rd party Internet application with explorer, fill user name and password, press enter, select product modification button , type the...