its irritating : Creating a Windows Service


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Jan 8, 2005
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Hi all, i am anoop vishnoi from delhi,india. im currently doing up a project on STUDENT MESSAGING SYSTEM where in students can interact with each other on Messaging basis. for this

1. I made use of Sockets in .NET
2. Created a Server as a Class Library which will keep on listening for client requests
3. when the server recieves a client request, it popups a form on the right-bottom of the screen,
4. for this functionality i created a form in my server and placed it accordingly basic target is to start this server as soon as the System starts up, for this i created a WINDOWS SERVICE and taking up a reference of my Server dll i instantiated up an Object of my Server Class from the DLL.

so as per this my server is active all the times,right !

now the thing which's troubling me is that when my client makes a request to the server,the server is not responding.

i created the same thing in a module and it works like anything....

but my target is WIN.Services so please help me out

i'll be highly obliged if anyone of you kindly reply to this