is threre a message box which does not block the execution of the program


Jan 9, 2005
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hi all

i want to know is there a information message box ... which does notblock the execution of the program..... i want a message box which doesnot reqires a user input but just to gives a alert of theinformation... and destroys itself... i tried creating a windowform like message box ... and used a thread to display to form for 5seconds .. i used to following coding in the button click event

dim f2 as new form2
f2.textbox1.text="Please wait for 5 seconds"

but the problem is the form2 is getting hanged .. and is notdisplayin the information in the text box.. so anyone can help me witha message box which does not have this problem. .... as if i use amessagebox is that till i click the "ok" button in the message box itwont execute the nex step ....
so anyone please help
The perfect solution

Good news... there's a perfect solution to your problem! It'scalled a Notification-window and you can find it in the VBPowerpack(it's an assembly of form-controls and more). The notification-window appears on the bottom-right of your screen and dissappears after a few seconds, just like the nortonAV notifications. The user can freely continue with hiswork while the control is displayed. The only problem isthat I lost the address but you can find it via Google veryeasily. Just search for VBPowerpack.

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