Question Import daily file into Access Table


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Jun 6, 2011
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I have a daily file that is downloaded into a directory at a specefied time. If the computer is off, it will download the files when network access is granted. Each file is a comma seperated (.csv). Currently I am running each file through a batch script, which replaces the first four lines with one that I specified. Then removes all double quote characters from the data, and saves it as a .txt . At which point I manually import each file into a seperate table. I am looking for a way to automate this process. I suppose the file does not need to be a .txt, and could be left as a .csv. Only reason I did this was because of the conflicts of two files having the same name. Each file is formatted as this: Weather_T_Out_1h_2011_05_24_1300.csv where 2011_05_24 changes. I was thinking this could be done with the Outlook scheduling feature, but I am worried about the data not being available. Maybe include a check to see which files have been imported or delete the old ones?

Just a side note: Does anyone know any good resources for learning VB/VBA and Access?

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