Image Formula in Crystal Reports?


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Aug 16, 2011
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Hi All

I have a small reporting application that uses Crystal Reports that is built into VS2005.

My form has a Crystal Report Viewer a Combo Box and a button.

The Combobox looks at an SQL database for a pallet number then sets whatever is in the Combo Box as a parameter for the Crystal Report.

My Crystal Report Datasource is an SQL Database with 4 fields, Date, Pallet Number, TopPic and SidePic.

Now TopPic and SidePic are picturefile paths. so on runtime I want my report to display the pictures associated with the Pallet Number.

Unfortuantly as I am using Crystal that comes with VS2005 there is not an option for an Image Formula in the Picture for Crystal Reports, is there any workarounds to get the correct pictures to load at runtime?


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