How to telnet via web interface.


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Jun 3, 2004
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Is it possible to allow a web user to initiate a telnet session that gets info and then outputs to a web page? ie: I want a user to be able to select an IP - when the user selects an IP and selects to 'get config' I want either VB or ASP code to telnet into the device and run something like 'show run' on a cisco router. I want this the output of this to be sent to the web user!

Is this possible? I am already writing a telnet app in VB6 (which I may have to translate to .net.) I was thinking of using an access database (my telnet app currently uses and access db for data) and then then someone requests a config that the database gets updated. When the config is requested the telnet app (which also uses the application) will initiate a telnet and send that output to a db (memo field perhaps?) and then the part I don't know how to do - make the web page 'wait' until this job is complete (should take about 30-60 seconds to get config and get info out of it) then send it to the user?

Any ideas? I'm pretty ok with old-style ASP - but have not played much with ASP.NET.
I'm gonna give it a go - don't really want to use a third party - want to get it going myself :) Thanx
Can certainly be done. No real need to use a database either, unless you have a need to store and save information?

Acquire info from user, connect, pass data, acquire data, post data to the web user.

There's lots of info out there on using the TCP class like suddenelfilio mentioned...

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