How to pass objects as parameters to Remote Method Calls


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Apr 21, 2005
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1. How to pass business objects to remote method calls ??

2. Is it byref or byval ???

3. Does the object needs to implment ISerializable interface or have an <Serializable> attribute ???

4. Does the object needs to inherit MarshalByRefObject ???

5. How to generate a proxy remote hosted on an IIS with binary formatting ???

6. Any pointers to web articles is greately appreciated !!
1. once you've created a proxy to the remote class you can use it vertually the same way as you can a local class.
2. Depends what your doing, but most of the time your going to use byval.
3. You can only use serializable objects
4. The remote class does.
5. You'd use a config file to set it up.
6. Here's an article about remoting to get you started:

Remoting is very complex, and can be quite confusing. I suggest you get MS presses remoting.

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