Question From Where is Request Object Instantiated in web service?


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Nov 13, 2006
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I hope I an ask this in a way that makes since. I am looking at one of our web applications and I can put a break point in the controller method that handles the request. The class is passed a requestModel object. If I put a break point in the constructor of the request object it does break but the call stack shows external code in the list before my break point in that constructor. I wrote a small app to make the Http request but I don't know enough about ASP/MVC to know how and where the request model got instantiated. Below is the method in the controller that handles the request but I don't know how or where LoginRequest gets instantiated. Any info to point me in a good direction will be greatly appreciated.

        Public Overridable Async Function Login(requestModel As LoginRequest) As Threading.Tasks.Task(Of JsonNetResult)
            Return New JsonNetResult With {.Data = Await requestModel.Execute(SystemContextId, Request), .ContentEncoding = Encoding.UTF8}
        End Function
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