How to create and print Avery Badges in Silverlight with C# or VB.NET featuring...


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Dec 5, 2005
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How to create and print Avery Badges in Silverlight with C# or VB.NET featuring Barcodes

Technologies used
- Neodynamic Barcode Professional for Silverlight (any version)
- Silverlight 4 or greater
- Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
- Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express Edition
- Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Express Edition

This demo demonstrates how you can easily create and print Avery Badges featuring barcodes in Silverlight Applications. Barcode Professional for Silverlight generates high quality vector-based barcodes and supports most popular linear (1D), Postal and 2D symbologies. In this sample application we selected the well known Code 39 (a.k.a. Code 3 of 9) with justify text alignment (a feature exclusive built-in Barcode Professional for Silverlight) for designing and printing Avery Badges for a fictitious Conference/Expo.

The following sample demo code features:
- A simple Silverlight Application which display a preview of Avery White Adhesive Name Badges 5395 including page navigation and zooming.
- Each badge displays info stored in an XML file encoding the Attendee's ID as a Code 39 barcode using Neodynamic Barcode Professional for Silverlight.
- Print the displayed badges page or print ALL Avery badges pages using PrintDocument class with HasMorePages feature.


A simple Avery Badges viewer in Silverlight featuring vector-based barcodes

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