??? How to - Control IE useing VB.NET ???


Jul 4, 2004
Programming Experience
Is it possible to limit the number of open Internet Explorer windows?

My VB.NET program will be using IE, and I would like to ensure that only one IE window can be open. This will be done to prevent pop-up windows from interfering with its work.

I know there are free pop-up blocking programs that I can use, but I would like to have this function built into my program.

Any help would be appreciated.

I have found this code to ensure that only one instance of the VB.NET program is open; could this be modified to control the amount of IE windows?

This is the code:

Private Sub Form_Load()
	' See if there is already and instance.
	If App.PrevInstance Then
		' Activate the previous instance
		AppActivate App.Title

		' Send a key (here SHIFT-key) to set the
		' form from the previous instance to the
		' top of the screen.
		SendKeys "+", True

		' Terminate the new instance
		Unload Me
	End If
End Sub

I am fairly new to VB.NET.
NewWindow2 event

The NewWindow2 event will fire from the WebBrowser control if a popup is in the process of being generated. If you set the cancel event to e.Cancel = true, then the window will be blocked. Keep in mind that this will block all popup's.