how can i control message box on internet explorer with the language


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Mar 17, 2005
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I am a french student and i do a software with the language to use internet explorer. I use mshtml.dll and shdocvw.dll. With my software i can click on button, combo box,link,... which are on a web page.

But i have a problem when a message box arrive. I can't use it from my software (click yes, no, ...).
Hi Marvin,

If you are intending to show a message box to the user on his client (IE) then, I would recommend using JavaScript instead of VB code, for the simple reason that, if you use VB.NET to display the messagebox in the browser, then that code will work only in Internet Explorer, and will not work with other browsers like Netscape.

Let me know if that helps!
actually i think marvin wants the application to click yes or no in IE instead of the user clicking it
i have no clue how to accomplish that task, but i wouldnt mind learning how to manipulate other applications through a vb application

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