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Jan 7, 2005
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I am trying to convert an application from VB 6.0 to VB .Net and ran into a problem. I have a function that uses MSXML. My .Net application now requires a DLL file in order for it to work. I would like my program to be self contained within the executable. Can someone assist me in converting the following function to VB .Net?

Public Function GetPageHTML(ByVal URL As String) As String
Dim HttpReq As New MSXML2.XMLHTTP30
Try"GET", URL, False)
GetPageHTML = HttpReq.responseText()
HttpReq =
Catch ex As Exception
Return ex.Message
End Try
End Function

What I'm using the function for is to grab the HTML from a work intranet page (an https:// page). The webpage is a large table displaying numeric values. It's all generated from coldfusion. I believe the webpage uses windows authentication. When you load the page into a browser, you are given a pop-up asking for a login/password; then it doesn't ask again unless you close the browser.

The code above duplicated this as my program, upon first being launched, forces the pop-up box. After that, the pop-up box never comes up again unless the program is closed and re-launched. My program parses the HTML displaying only a few of the values from the webpage. It will auto-update every 5 minutes or you can force an update by clicking on the "update" button.

I have tried using but I receive a (401)Unauthorized exception error when I use the .getresponse. (I'm even trying with credentials but I'm probably doing it wrong). I would prefer the windows authentication pop-up box to come up so users can just sign into that but I will code a login page on my form if I have to hard code the login/password.

Any help is greatly appreciated.