Question find data in tabel.a not in tabel.b


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Jul 9, 2021
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i have 2 tabel in my database sample
Tabel a Master Employe and Tabel B attendance loh , I will view data employe not in attendance by date ?
please help me

my syntax

Select m_karyawan.nik , tb_trx_absen.timein from m_karyawan left join tb_trx_absen on m_karyawan.nik=tb_trx_absen.nik where'09'

Only show data in tabel attendance

i will show data all master employe and time in is null
Please provide a FULL and CLEAR explanation of the problem, which would include the schema of each table, how they are related and some example data and the expected output.
Also, please post your questions in the most appropriate forum. This question has got absolutely nothing to do with VS so it doesn't belong in a forum about VS. It's debateable whether it belongs on this site at all, because it is purely a SQL question. Presumably it is SQL being executed in a VB.NET app, but if the question and the solution would not change if it was a different language then it's not a VB.NET question. I've taken the inclusive approach and approved it and moved it to the Database General forum but please keep in mind that this site is dedicated to VB.NET development and each forum is appropriate for different subjects so each thread should be posted in the forum that most closely matches the subject of that thread, not just the first one in the list.