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Dec 30, 2004
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I got a litlle problem.
I got a client and a server application, they can connect to each other on a certain port.
Thy can both stream text to each other.
But the issue i got, is that it is a multi user application, kind like a chat application, but i have to send files from the server to a client.
Now i'm not knowing how to send xml files through a stream to a client.

I know it's a really stupid problem, who can be easily solved i think.
But i can't find how file streaming is working on the tcp/ip.

Anyone who can help me ?




Jan 9, 2005
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hi tom ..i have used transfeering file with text content in my client server application ... its very easy if u r tryin to send the file whose content is text ...

u can open the file using"filename")

use string str= to end
now when u have got the content in a string ...
u can use system.text.ascii.getbytes() to convert the string into byte stream...

using sockets in TCP/IP u can only send data as byte stream ... so when u get the bytes ... u can use ur socket to send it to the server

and get it in the server .. and convert it into a string and use the filestreamwrites write method to write it into a file

its as easy as such

message me if u succeed or still have any prob .. i might be able to help u with code ... but only after some time as my computer has gone for a repair
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