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Mar 8, 2010
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In incorporating a few aspx pages (created by someone else) into an existing website that is mostly written in classic asp, I have to have a local web.config file in the /sub/sub/sub/ folder where the aspx and aspx.vb files are ultimately located.

I note there is a lot of duplication between the main root web.config and the web.config in the subfolder.

This has caused a few problems. For example I have already had to comment out the line <authentication mode="Windows"/> from the subfolder web.config to get rid of an error.

So I was wondering...

In the interests of being neat and tidy, would it be wise to go through the web.config file that is in the /sub/sub/sub/ folder and remove any lines/sections that are just duplicates of lines/sections in the web.config file in the root folder?

Seems logical to me, but as I'm very new to .NET I don't want to risk creating future problems for myself.


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Dec 17, 2005
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Normally that is not a problem because that is how the configuration file hierarchy is supposed to work: ASP.NET Configuration File Hierarchy and Inheritance
Removing higher level configuration could be a problem for other apps that use that without override. Removing lower level overrides could similar be a problem if at some point the higher level configuration was changed, which would take effect on each app not having more specific settings. To do that you would need a clear picture of what settings each app needs and at what level these are applied, and also control over changes that may be applied later at all relevant levels.
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