Question Integration problem: Visual Studio 2013 aspx and aspx.vb files --> Dreamweaver CS6 we


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Sep 14, 2011
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Integration problem: Visual Studio 2013 aspx and aspx.vb files --> Dreamweaver CS6 we

I'm very confused and surprised I can't seem to find any postings on this problem. It's very peculiar so stay with me: I've designed a VB .Net webpage called Regstration_Form.aspx in Visual Studio 2013. I've tested it in Visual Studio 2013 AND IT WORKS AS IT IS SUPPOSED TO. Of course, there are actually 2 files in Visual Studio: an aspx file and an aspx.vb file (vb script). Buttons in the aspx file correctly utilize the aspx.vb script I've written. NOW, I've designed an html website in Dreamweaver CS6 with multiple (passive) .html pages. The aspx and aspx.vb pages are active, and work exclusively to collect personal information and send emails. It seems to me I should be able to simply move them in to the Dreamweaver folder for the website (along with the config file in the root),'s what happens:

(1) when I test run the aspx page from Dreamweaver (in any browser), the webpage shows the html code in black-and-white (code view). It does not display the actual webpage.

(2) (even weirder) If I change the .aspx page extension to .html, the browser (correctly) shows the webpage I've designed. BUT, now when I click the "submit" button to perform the active tasks (again, which work in VS 2013), the webpage changes from the correct webpage shown only moments earlier to SHOWING THE ASPX.VB CODE.

Put another way, dreamweaver displays html code if the page is .aspx, and displays .aspx.vb code if the .aspx page is changed to .html. Either way, my aspx pages are not being executed in Dreamweaver correctly despite working perfectly well in VS 2013 and I cannot figure out why.

I have enabled IIS on my computer.
I have placed the config file in the root.
I have enabled .NET functionality in Dreamweaver's "disabled features" folder.

I know this is probably more of a Dreamweaver problem, but coders in my experience are usually far more advanced than web designers so I hope someone may have an idea or two.