Dealing With The Session & Application Objects ..


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Aug 24, 2004
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Dear Friends, I Have Some Questions . I'll Be Gratefull If U Can Answer Me :

1- I Have A WebForm That I Want It To Expire After 5 Minutes From Loading ,How Can I Do That ? I Tried To Use ( Session.Expire = 5 ) In The Session_Start Event , But The User Still Can Use All The Controls In The Page .

2- How Can I Return A Response To A Specific Session Using It's Id ( In Other Words , How Can I Fill The Page With Different Contents For Every One Of My Users ) ??

3- How Can I Generate A Message Box Using ASP.Net ??

4- How Can I Use Arabic Language & Characters In My Pages Without The Need From The User To Go And Choose The Character Set Manually ??

Thank You All ,
Respectfully ...