Question Custom Window Frame Using DWM and Windows Ribbon


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Feb 10, 2013
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I just have a one hard time to do this on "VISUAL BASIC PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE" I'm tired of Mr. Google, the result is always in C# not VB. so here are my 3 questions YEAH :)

1. How to add the windows ribbon (the one on microsoft office 2007 toolbar with tabs. the toolbar where you adjust the font, font sze etc) on windows forms using the Visual Basic Programming Language.
2. How to extend the title bar height to the form so that i get the aero effect until to the toolbar for my windows form. like Microsoft Office 2007, the save icon, redo, undo, and the half of windows orb is on the title bar. I found one result but it's on c#. :(( Here's the link: Custom Window Frame Using DWM (Windows)

Any help from the expertees? no VB? all in C#? sorry about this I'am only a 14 year old programmer from the Philippines. What do you think guys no solution on VB.NET do I need to study the hard programming language c# for this?? THANKS IN ADVANCE
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