1. M

    Question win32_portconnector is used for ?

    what win32_portconnector is used for ? This question have 3 parts. What is the use case of win32_portconnector ? Can I get state of ports using it like Mouse cable, charger, HDMI cables etc ? Why VM have null results on this query :Get-WmiObject Win32_PortConnector ? On VM: PS...
  2. S

    Question Drag drop from app TO other windows apps

    Hi all... please can someone help me!! There is heaps of vb code out there about dragging from windows in to a vb app.. but pritty much nothing about going the other way!! Please can some one help me - all i want to do is drag a string out of my app to windows notepad, word, webbrowser...
  3. D

    Question Custom Window Frame Using DWM and Windows Ribbon

    I just have a one hard time to do this on "VISUAL BASIC PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE" I'm tired of Mr. Google, the result is always in C# not VB. so here are my 3 questions YEAH :) 1. How to add the windows ribbon (the one on microsoft office 2007 toolbar with tabs. the toolbar where you adjust the...
  4. Movian

    Idea for small app, no idea where to start looking

    Hey, I have a concept for an application that i myself would find useful, I have a fair amount of VB6 experience but an fairly new to .net. The project i have in mind simply allows you to right click a folder (or any assigned key or mouse click combination) to display a new right click...
  5. F

    Question Detect keystrokes from barcode scanner

    I have built many applications that work with a barcode reader. What I need now is a means to reading the scanned item through a background services such as a windows services or something. My task is to scan a barcode on a identification label that is placed on a cut size of glass and record...
  6. LaBoss

    MenuStrip and ToolStripControlHost control

    Good afternoon, I'm having some trouble with a class that uses the ToolStripControlHost, I have to create a label and a label beside the textbox, this works, the problem now and I can not access the property. .Text of textbox (dim txt). the class to this: Public Class ToolStripTextBoxWithLabel...
  7. Grafix

    Question Deploy Applications

    Hi dudes, am newbie in VB.NET applications. I finished my school project successfully. I created a setup project to deploy my system but its not doing what i want after installations, i meant i don't know how to include the database i created using mysql server into the .exe/.msi package...
  8. bmw325ist

    Closing a WPF Window or Form after crossing threads?

    I want to close the main form after another process has exited if the user says yes. I have the MainWindow Class and a modProcess Class coded below. I'm using VS 2010. For whatever reason, the object Me or MainWindow is not accessible, how do I fix it? Thanks. Public Class MainWindow Dim...
  9. D

    Question Want to show form during windows xp screen lock

    I am developing an application that needs to be shown no matter what-even windows screen lock. What do I do? Already set TopMost=True
  10. P

    Application Memory Use

    I am trying to ensure that the footprint of my application is as small as it can possibly be. Is there a way to assess my application to see if there is more efficiency that can be built in? I have noticed that my app memory use seems to flucturate a lot. Sometimes at start up it can be as...
  11. willwork

    Question Problem capturing screenshots as a windows service

    Hi, Basically I have created a windows service using VB 2008 where I am trying to capture screenshots periodically. The timer is working fine and I have tested this. The purpose of the service is to monitor the desktop over night when the user is logged off, by capturing screenshots and...
  12. S

    FolderView.Net Control 2009 released.

    FolderView.Net 2009 brings drop-in Windows-Explorer-like folder browser functionality to your Windows Forms and WPF apps. This UI component is a perfect replacement for the plain, inflexible, modal APIs which developers are currently limited to. It offers complete support for AutoUpdate...
  13. rvercesi

    VB 2005 - How to get domain from hostname or IP Address. Not all servers are Windows

    Hi there I work at a company in a department that manages several domains across several networks. We have access to all and I have to create an app that lists all servers in those networks and gathers some basic info on then. I have two problems. 1st I have a list of IPs. I have to...
  14. S

    Question Windows Application on web

    Hi Everyone, This is my first post here! And I am not very much sure whether I have chosen the correct Sub-Group. I have a problem for which I am seeking a solution. I have a Windows Application which is collecting large chunks of live data for a few seconds and then continuously purging old...
  15. C

    Question How do I use the SendInput API from a Windows service?

    Hi there, I am creating a windows service which uses the SendInput API to send keypresses to an application (must be SendInput, SendKeys doesn't work). For some reason it does not work in a windows service, but the exact same code works flawlessly in a windows form. I'm guessing there is some...
  16. S

    FolderView.Net Control 2008 released.

    FolderView.Net 2008 brings drop-in Windows-Explorer-like folder browsing functionality to your Windows Forms and WPF apps. This UI component is a perfect replacement for the plain, inflexible, modal APIs which developers are currently limited to. It offers complete support for AutoUpdate...