VB 2005 - How to get domain from hostname or IP Address. Not all servers are Windows


Oct 16, 2008
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Hi there

I work at a company in a department that manages several domains across several networks. We have access to all and I have to create an app that lists all servers in those networks and gathers some basic info on then.

I have two problems.


I have a list of IPs. I have to translate them to hostnames, but not all servers are Windows based. We also have several Unix servers.


I have to ping all servers, check if they are alive. If not, check if DNS entries exist. For those that respond to ping, I have to gather some basic info, like MAC Address, Operating System, etc. Once again, some servers are using Unix and all of them are scattered across two domains.

I know I can use WMI for Windows servers, but I have to find out which domain in order to pass the appropriate credentials.

Any ideas?

Best regards,

Ricardo Vercesi
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