Question crystal report using sql query problem ?


Mar 7, 2013
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Hello all the best programmer,
i am so sorry for disturbing again,
i have some problems that i don't know how to solve and where must i search about that, hopely you would like to help me thanks,
i make report using sql query, and because of the query i get some fields that can import to the report.
actually there are a lot of problem, but now i ask just one to for this first time :
here it is :
i have field name of pay code, when i browse the data for this field there are two datas, they are NON STAFF and STAFF ?
when i drage the field to the report custom design, that just appear data of NON STAFF, could you tell me how to make the two datas appear on that my crystal report ?

best regards,

Toni Firnandes
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