1. C

    How to Insert String In To SQL Express Database Field

    Hello Community, I currently has a cluster of example code that I would like to combine. My current challenge is inserting a string from my GPIB bus into my SQL Database field. My working code looks something like this: Dim vpp1 As String vpp1 = GpibDevice.ReadString() MsgBox("Current Voltage...
  2. tonifirnandes

    Question crystal report using sql query problem ?

    Hello all the best programmer, i am so sorry for disturbing again, i have some problems that i don't know how to solve and where must i search about that, hopely you would like to help me thanks, i make report using sql query, and because of the query i get some fields that can import to the...
  3. O

    Question Determining password field

    Hey all so basicly im attempting to make a key encoder type application that i want to begin encrypting keystrokes when the user focuses on a password field . Is it possible for a windows forms application to do this and if so how can it be done ?
  4. T

    VB console app input field

    i know it seems silly to make a console app but sometimes i just need to make quick tools for myself and don't want to bother with a GUI, so what i am trying to make is an app that will display data but accept input from a command line. I have used the Console.In.ReadLine() but i want a command...