Crystal Report Paper Size?


Jun 23, 2004
Programming Experience
Hey there,

Hopefully I got this in the right section. I assume Crystal Reports is kind of a third-party add-in for VS.NET.

Ok, I've been working on a new database type program. All seems to be working fine, other than the crystal reports, which I can't see to get to do what I want them to do. I can't find an option anywhere to choose the paper size. Are the crystal reports perminantely set to A4 paper size? Or can I change it to A5? If not, is there some way I can put two pages onto one landscape A4 page? Like, record one from the database would sit on the left of the page and record two on the right? Which ever option is easiest.

You'd have thought paper size would be a pretty simple option to include. Maybe I'm just having another 'blind' day :) I think I've provided enough information on my problem. Hopefully someone can help, thanks.
I discovered yesterday that I could change the paper size under the printer options. But only when the printer I was trying to print to supported the printing of A5. This is why I had no option for A5 before. Case closed :)