converting OCRed tif image into word document


Jun 3, 2004
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hi...can someone tell me the way of coverting OCRed tif image into word document through code???
is there a step missing?

I assume an OCRed file would be text gotten from a picture.
So you need something to read the tiff file into text like an OCR (optical character recognition) control unless you have lots of time to write one.

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Great tool!

Nice. But now this means I cannot hide my email address in pictures anymore :mad:
MODI + MS Office Automation


This can be done in 2 steps:

1. Use the programmable Microsoft Office Document Imaging (2003 only) object model and viewer control to zone the image and perform OCR. The OCRed data can be accessed through the Layout object. See

2. Once the OCRed data has been retrieved, use the Microsoft Office (all versions - I think) to create a new Word Document. Make sure that the Microsoft Word 11.0 Object Library (MSWORD.OLD) is included into your project. The code below can be used as a simple guide:

Dim objWord As Application
objword.Documents.Add (this should create a new document)
objWord........ (add content, etc.)