Conversion to EDI


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Nov 18, 2004
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[font=verdana, arial, helvetica]I have some work for a client that involves the following, all in VB.NET:

We have to transfer data from spreadsheets to EDI, which involves:

a service to watch incoming emails and save the attachments to disk
a service to move them into the DB
a service to export EDI data once a day (or some time period)

So far we are planning on writing all these from scratch, including formatting the data in EDI 850 format. I know that one solution could be BizTalk, but, for the cost of it, it's prohibitive right now for them.

Has anyone had any expierence with this kind of work in .NET? I know that there are some components for sale used to create the EDI format, but we of course would like a homegrown solution. I just figured I would post in case anyone had any good ideas on the best way to proceed.

Thanks for your time!

Jeremy Callinan