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Aug 17, 2004
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Hey hows it going, I don't know VB.NET very well, but here's what I'm looking to do. The first sunday every two months we have a poker tournament at my house.. it's gradually become larger and I'm looking for a way to manage some of the smaller things. I've found tournament managers online, but they're too expensive or too in-depth for my needs right now. What I want my app to do is this (if you're not too familiar with poker the terminology might be a little confusing):

1) Countdown time based on a constant # that is set on a configuration page, when time reaches 0:00 play a sound or popup a msgbox, you should have to hit ok and then click a button that says "start next level"

2) After the "start next level" button is pushed, the blinds are increased each level .. first level is $1/$2, then $2/$4, $3/$6, and so on..

For now that's all I want to accomplish, I have some other ideas in mind but I figured this would be plenty to handle. I've created the form with three textfields: initial small blind (usually $1), initial big blind (usually $2), and the time increment to change the levels (say 30 minutes). I'm just not sure where to go from here, thanks for any help .. i'll post if i make some progess!
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