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Jan 10, 2005
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I have an app that assumes the role of say a master interface. From that interface you can launch programs included in the particular suite of software. My problem is that those progrms launched by the master interface need to communicate with the Master interface to find out if the user is logged in and if not force the user to login to the system. How do I communicate between these two apps. Can someone point me to the right direction. They are both locally run apps(some Computer), one of them is just in charge of the others really. I have zero experience communicating between apps as you can tell.
I'm not sure of what network so you'll have to work on the permission settings for your network, but it would seem to me that the easiest way to resolve the issue of whether the user is logged on or not is to set permissions on the application to the users who are authorized execute priviledge. By default, if they're not logged on or if they don't have permission, they can't run the application.

Good luck.
Let me explain a little more. What I mean by system is our system, not windows. What I do not want to do is require the user to login everytime they start one of our programs. As it stands each user account is created in teh database and each user has different privileges for each program (i.e. ADD, VIEW, MODIFY and DELETE). So when every program starts up or is started by the user, if they are not logged in to our system, they need to log in so that the program can acess their individual priveliges. I think that I may loook into services for this.
you can try to modify your system and add usertable in the database... if already have one all you have to do is make the login form your initial form for them to login.. or add a field that inidicates if the user has logged in.. though there are throwbacks in this approach... i would really recomend that you just start your system with th login.. so as to be sure that they log-in... before anything else...
Thanks for the input and ideas, I have moved on from this problem, I solved it by using the system registry and looking for a logged username and Program from which they logged in from in the sys registry.

Thanks, Sautin

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