Code Bank or Not?

Do you want a code bank?

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Jun 3, 2004
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There have been a few requests to "share code" here. Attachments are allowed and as everyone is doing, inline code excerpts are being posted, which is great and helpful to all. There are great code banks out there already and my intention is not to duplicate or replace other code banks such as The Code Project. The intent of these forums are for discussion, learning, helping others, and all of us becoming better programmers/developers/businesses.

Please share your thoughts on dedicated forums for code attachments, or keep things the way they are. I also have to look out for bandwidth and hardware requirements as this is a free resource and I plan to keep it as such.

Thanks for your thoughts on this...always striving to improve this community for our VB.NET community.

Neal Culiner
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I'd say keep it as is...You could certainly put a forum up that is for "finished free code" or something along those lines and let folks upload ZIP files or something to their posts. A full-fledged code-bank, like you said, might take away from some of the good ones already out there.
I think a code snipit section would be good, but probably not a full code bank.

I don't anticipate a code bank at this time. People are welcome to post attachments for sample code but I do not expect to turn this community into a code bank as of this writing. I really want to keep this area focused on VB.NET "discussion" and not blur the goal here with adding a file repository.
since, i actually saw this this time, i think that a full fledged code bank shouldnt be done (there is codeproject for that and others) but a code snippet section i think would be helpful

i'm finding that now and again someone would ask a question and another would post a function in reply, then a week or so later someone else asks for that same function

but again this is an old thread and attaching zip files to threads works too, either way works for me
Somthing that I think would be good is an FAQ for each section. For all those question we see time and time again
especially the database sections, i see lots of "how do i use vb to connect to ms access" or "sql server not producing correct dataset" i honestly dont even read those anymore

but a subroutine/function depository or an FAQ type thing wouldnt be too bad around here

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