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Jan 12, 2005
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hey guys...

i need help..
im using a class where in it hadles basiclly everything from loading, inserting, updating and deleting data..

i've been using this approach for most of my .net days...

here's the story im using 2 forms.. lets call em main and search..
main is the primary but not a parent... and search well the name speaks for itself..

main calls (without closing main) search user browses and search passes the data to main.. which displays the details..

lets say all details are in...

we are now set to edit the record...
after providing all the needed values... (i checked each one...)
i cant seem to update it..
when i traced it my dataset in my class doesnt seem to have anything on it
i checked on the immediate window and it says the expression cannot be evaluated at this time?

checked the table count in the dataset and it return the same message...
expression cannot...

hope you guys can help me out..
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