Question Choosing the amount of times a loop, or sub should occur


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Mar 13, 2009
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I have made an app that the user has to type a number, and i want the process for the app to do this how evermany times the user wishes it to do.

for example, the app is ment to create a line in a text document, so they write in textbox1 what they want written on the line, and then in textbox2, tey say how many lines they want to create.


TextBox1.Text = "BLAA"
TextBox2.Text = "782"

It will create 782 lines of BLAA. not just one...

Thanks in advance.
Use a NumericUpDown control for numeric user input. The Value property is a Decimal you can simply convert to an Integer using the CInt conversion function.
For writing a number of lines to a text document use the StreamWriter.
Write the lines with a For loop.
Try doing the loop like this:

Dim str As String 
For howManyTimes = 1 to Cint(textbox2.Text)
   str &= textbox1.Text
Then add the str to the text file after the loop is done.
Consider using the KeyPress event to capture only numbers in your textbox.

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