1. T

    Question Loading back and fore color by name from a .txt file problem!

    Hello, I am having a minor problem with my code. Basically what it does is allows you to change the color (using the "colordialog" code) of the form backcolor and forecolor, and also writes the name of that color to a .txt file so when you exit the form, it saves the colors you chose. When the...
  2. S

    Question Drag drop from vb.net app TO other windows apps

    Hi all... please can someone help me!! There is heaps of vb code out there about dragging from windows in to a vb app.. but pritty much nothing about going the other way!! Please can some one help me - all i want to do is drag a string out of my vb.net app to windows notepad, word, webbrowser...
  3. smith4595

    Question Text Box Formatting Question

    I'm relatively new to programming in VB.Net. I've dabbled in it before, but I'm trying to be more proactive at work and create some applications to make some of my work easier (and also help out our end-users). I've created a tool that will pull information about a computer such as username...
  4. PMac

    Question Adding multiple text files to project

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum, but I've been using it for quite some time for help with the project I'm working on. I'm quite new to VB.NET as well, so pardon me if some of my questions seem a little basic.. In the project I'm currently working on, there is a part where the user makes...
  5. 1

    Appending to text file on server

    Is it possible to append text to a text file located on a webserver from a winform? If so, can you please point me in the right direction. I've searched this forum but can only find documentation on appending a local text file.
  6. tgf-47

    Question Need help with this assignment.

    I'm doing a project where we are re-creating a very old system. The client wants the same base functionality and some improvements. One of the things I'm currently working on is the note-system. These are used as flags of some sort, but are also used as a comment field for some products or...
  7. S

    Question Copy text from console window

    Hello all, I am writing a console program in vb.net 2010/.net 4.0. Through out the program there are many lines of info. presented to the user in the console window. I was wondering if there is a way to copy all those lines from the code. The reason is that I want to save the text as a log to...
  8. M

    button does nothing?

    Basically im new at VB, and i have a form with 10 designated slots for letter to be entered (Like the free letter spaces on hangman), above these are 10 adjacent labels with a full stop "." as the text value, now i have created a button, Q to detect whether there is a . in the first box, and if...
  9. M

    Question Progressbar help

    Hi, for my school project I have to make a ordering form similar to that of McDonalds using visual basic. I have just added a progress bar and programmed it to start when I click the checkout button after choosing everything you would like to order and am just wondering how i could possible add...
  10. dominion_vortar

    Question Working with text files

    Hi, I have a text file containing 10 pieces of information. I want to read the information from the text file and put it in text boxes on a form, so that the user can view the information and edit if required. What is the best way of approaching this? Thanks for your time :)
  11. I

    Question Splitting text

    Hello there, I'm trying to make a rcon tool on my own style. If i call up the status of the server i get this as response: 1 2 69 e783c1084e329ae25ee4a2a799e38d25 mathieu91^7 50 xx.xxx.xxx.xxx:28960 27148 25000 2 25 153 59cfd2cdc3bc40006d281655c1db039b Marty^7...
  12. F

    Question PC1 to PC2 txtbox.text and video triggering...

    Hi, bit of a newb (first post!) Have created a few stand alone projects but nothing major... Using a trial of VB Studio 2010 (.net 4) Could anyone help me with any of these 3?... (they are inter-related) a) I have two networked pc's ("PC1" and "PC2") with a solution on each which has a...
  13. D

    Question How to change the text color of Listview's group header?

    I want to change the color of the group header text in listview which separates all the items into various groups, there is no such option to do that directly because no such property exists. As far as i can think of it can be achieved via overriding the paint event but i have not done any...
  14. selvamarcadu

    powerpoint text highlighting

    Hi all, I embedded MS Office Powerpoint inside .NET form using Dsoframer activeX and now want to highlight certain keywords.I could change the font color of the keywords but not able to highlight the whole word.I did a lot of googling but efforts in vain. <code> ... oTxtRng =...
  15. M

    How to Paint OVER (Above) a ListView

    I have a listview with images. I want to cross out the images by painting an X over them (rather than having to use a images with the X already there). I am using the form paint event to paint them in. When I try this, the X's are being painted underneath the listview. I have tried sending...
  16. R

    Resolved save text box info into sql database?

    Hi everyone i am trying to save the data from the text boxes on my form to my sql database but im not having any luck please can someone help me? ive simply got 4 text boxes and a save button the code for my save button is as follows. Private Sub btnSave_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object...
  17. H

    Question Choosing the amount of times a loop, or sub should occur

    I have made an app that the user has to type a number, and i want the process for the app to do this how evermany times the user wishes it to do. for example, the app is ment to create a line in a text document, so they write in textbox1 what they want written on the line, and then in textbox2...
  18. H

    Question Printing Rich Text Boxes

    I have made a text editor, how can i add a print function. I have tried several, but they are all buggy, and dont function properly. How can i print all the lines including enters and new lines? Thanks
  19. Vermiculus

    Question File Type Associtions

    Hello! I am trying to create a new file type to go with my program, and create the file associations for it. I thought you could do this from the Project Properties -> My Extensions tab, but it seems I was mistaken.. I'm not exactly sure. But what I want to do is 'protect' a text document by...
  20. Vermiculus

    Question Char->Hex Code

    {HISTORY} I am making a basic utility for Native C++ using the .NET framework (hehehe). The idea is to make a window with all the non-standard characters in buttons and have those buttons insert their characters, etc. That's all working perfectly, but C++ needs a hex code or something similar...