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Nov 22, 2011
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‎I want to place buttons on my screen and a calculated number on places.‎
‎I do not know much about this subject.‎
‎For example, I can place the buttons in an array where I can determine the location and location on the screen.‎
‎It concerns about 600 buttons‎
‎Thanks for any reply‎
Your title and post have been translated to English and the thread moved to the most appropriate forum. Please only post in English on this site and always in the most appropriate forum for the topic.
Is de opstelling van de knoppen bedoeld om regelmatig te zijn, bijvoorbeeld in rijen en kolommen? Ga je het formaat van het formulier wijzigen?
‎yes, the buttons cannot be changed, but the visual numbers of the integers on the buttons change.‎
‎the teks in english gepl‎
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‎I now have the text in English but the text automatically changes to Dutch.‎
‎me now in Dutch, the buttons and the form never change, but the text (numbers) on the buttons during the algorithm.‎
You can add a TableLayoutPanel control to your form, add the appropriate number of rows and columns, then add the Buttons to that. Whether you do it in the designer or in code, the Buttons will be automatically placed in the cells without your having to specify the Location. Just be aware that performance may not be great with that many controls on the form.