changing colors in codetext


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Nov 22, 2011
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I started with visual basic 2022 and added a button to the
Then I tapped the button and came to form1.vb where I placed a function.
However, the code text in that function is colored in different colors that I want to change, how to do that.
Thanks for any answer
Honestly, this is not really something that should need to be explained. Any time you start using new software, one of the first things you should be doing is opening the Options/Settings/Preferences dialogue and having a good look through to see what's available. That will enable you to find what you might want to change immediately and also give you a good idea of where things are in the future if and when you need them. This goes for anyone using any software but goes double for someone who wants to design software for themselves. Even if you hadn't done that already, knowing that you did want to change some settings, you should have done it then. It doesn't take any programming experience to look through a dialogue to see what's there. VS has a lot of options but it still wouldn't take more than half an hour if you don't investigate things in depth or change anything. Unless you want to spend half your life writing questions on forums and waiting for answers, you really need to be more proactive and put some thought into what you can do for yourself. There will still be things that you can't work out on your own, but how to change application settings in a Windows app doesn't really qualify.