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Apr 17, 2009
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Hey Everyone,

I have a .NET application that makes a call to an Oracle stored
procedure. This stored procedure takes anywhere from 150-200 seconds
to complete. My application is timing out after 90 seconds. I can't
seem to find a setting to extend this timeout further to accommodate
for my stored procedure. Below are the settings I have set thus far:

Connect Timeout=30 (in the connection string)
*This should not affect what I am doing because this merely the time
the application will timeout if a connection is not made.

*This is the default. As per Microsoft, this value is ignored for
System.Client.OracleClient. Content not found...

Web.Config - HttpRuntime ExecutionTimeout=600
*Initially I did not have this set and my application was logging an
execution timeout error. Once I set it to 600 seconds the error did
not come up anymore.

Web.Config - Session Timeout 480 minutes

Web.Config - Authentication Timeout 480 minutes

Internet Explorer ReceiveTimeout - 3600000 milliseconds (1 hour)

I am using the following:

Oracle 11g Client
.NET Framework 3.5 SP1
Internet Explorer 6
Windows Server 2003
Windows XP Professional

The application is not logging/displaying any error messages at this
point. After you click the button to execute the stored procedure, it
runs for awhile, then just stops (similar to clicking on the stop
button on the browser). In some cases the stored procedure runs in
under 90 seconds. When it does this everything works properly.

I have timed the execution with certain parameters and it always stops
after 90 seconds.

I contacted our DBA, but they do not see any settings that would cause
this from their end.

I know I can do some programming changes to fix this issue and/or make
the call asynchronous, but I want to know why/how it is currently
timing out. Any ideas?



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Oct 14, 2009
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What activity your stored procedure is doing? Post your SP code here that might give us some idea.
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